Tag: Anti-Christian activities

A German church was targeted by burglars

There have been several similar attacks in the past weeks in Germany

Windows of a German church have been destroyed

Church vandalism remains too often unpunished across Germany.

An Easter procession has been attacked in Spain

Spanish authorities tend to turn a blin eye on such incidents.

Anti-Catholic graffiti smeared on Spanish church

Anti-Christian activities are nowadays widespread across Spain.

Four statues of the Virgin Mary have been vandalised in Polish villages

The acts of vandalism took place right before Easter

A British church has been vandalised by youngsters

Vandalism against Christian places of worship is a widespread plague across Western Europe.

A serial church thief has been caught in Italy

The culprit was being helped by his wife in these disgraceful acts.

Anti-Christian graffitis found on Austrian Christian's homes and workplaces

The perpetrators probably belong to a radical feminist group.

French authorities elaborate new strategy to tackle anti-religious hate crimes

Support for victims is considered key and corresponds to a “constant and legitimate request from the cults encountered”.