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Christian aid workers executed in Nigeria

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom condemned the execution of aid workers in Nigeria.

Republican politician billed $4,700 for olive oil poured on Capitol steps

Matt Shea's act was part of a Christian group’s response to a Satanist demonstration that took place earlier around the building.

Scottish Episcopate: Allowing domestic abortion is "an ideological decision"

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Scottish Government lifted restrictions on pharmacological abortions at home.

The fate of persecuted Christians during the pandemic remains tragic

Christians feel threatened and abandoned in Nigeria, where they make up over half of the population.

EU court refuses to hear case of Christian nurses who refuse to perform abortion

The Christian midwives had claimed that authorities violated the European Convention on Human Rights by refusing jobs to them.

Two Scandinavian journalists explain how Europe could fall to Islam

Western culture, which was founded on Christian principles, has become suicidal - Watch video