Tag: anti-Christian violence

Unknown perpetrators murdered a religious brother in Venezuela

It is suspected that robbery was the motivation behind the crime.

Nativity scene severely vandalised in Spain

Intolerance against Christianity is on the rise in Spain which not so long ago was considered as a Catholic country.

The Left justifies anti-Catholic physical violence in Poland

What draws the historian's attention is that the Left even encourages violence against Christianity among its supporters.

Christian man beaten up for protecting statue of John Paul II in Poland

The victim was taken to hospital. He made a complaint to the police.

Terrorists kill four Christians and burn church members’ homes in Indonesia

In 2018, fifteen people were killed and fifty-seven others were injured in suicide bombings in the Surabaya area.

Seven-year-old Christian in Somalia was beaten up for his faith

Somalia is the third country in the world where it is difficult to be a Christian, according to Open Doors.

Three Young Christians Assaulted in Khartoum North, Sudan

Muslims attacked young Christians in a shop.

The number of Church attacks are back to "normal" in France

In France, on average, there are three anti-Christian attacks a day.

A Pakistani barbershop has been ransacked for playing Christian music

According to the Christian owners, local police have sided with the vandals, leaving them without a livelihood.

A Catholic priest has been beaten up during Mass in Berlin

The causes of this attack are being investigated by a special police surveillance unit.