Tag: anti-Christian violence

A drag queen simulated the beheading of a Polish archbishop

The drag queen known as Mariolkaa Rebell could face up to three years imprisonment for the alleged crimes.

Anti-Christian attacks rise in Europe

The French Interior Ministry recorded 996 anti-Christian acts in 2019.

Christians faced 135 cases of persecution in the first half of 2020

Persecution is likely to increase in the coming years due to proposed changes to laws and policies in India. 

Militia group killed sixteen people in DRC

The latest in a spate of ethnic attacks could be considered crimes against humanity according to the United Nations

Another church has been set on fire in France: this time in Rennes

Police investigating the reason for the fire have revealed that it was started maliciously.

Islamist militants killed dozens of Christians in Burkina Faso in past weeks

On the 30th of May, fanatic Islamic militants opened fire in a cattle market in Kompienga killing at least thirty people.

Catholic priest subject to death threats by LGBT supporters in the USA

Fr. Esshaki wrote that he would pray for all who offend, defame and threaten him.

Christian woman raped and killed in Nigeria

Police have arrested one suspect believed to be connected to Omozuwa's murder.

Seventy two-year-old priest murdered in Brazil

The stolen mobile phone was traced and thus made it possible for the police to arrest the killer.

Card. Ranjith asks prayers for the victims of last year's attacks in Sri Lanka

On Easter Sunday 2019, nearly three hundred people were killed and five hundred injured in attacks on churches and hotels.