Tag: anti-Christian violence

The fate of persecuted Christians during the pandemic remains tragic

Christians feel threatened and abandoned in Nigeria, where they make up over half of the population.

Illegal immigrants vandalise another church on Lesvos just days out from Easter

The chapel of Saint Catherine, which is is located on the road to Moria migrant camp, has been attacked for the second time.

At least 50 Nigerian Christians killed by Fulani attacks in March, NGO reports

Last year, between 1,000 and 1,200 Christians were killed by Fulani attackers, Intersociety estimated. 

Sudan still waiting for justice

Military leaders who are known to have been involved in the killing of protesters or in the genocide of Darfur are still in power

Priest martyred for Christ in DRC

The church in Congo has been experiencing continued attacks on Christians for over a decade.

France: a church in Brest is vandalised and robbed

Church robberies and anti-Christian vandalism continue all around France despite the national lockdown.

Nigeria: Gunmen kill three Christian siblings and two women in Plateau State

The unprovoked attack and the killing of innocent children only shows the level of insecurity Christians are facing in Nigeria.

Guinea: several churches burned down and destroyed in Nzérékoré

Several places of worship, including at least three churches, were destroyed and burnt down during the riots.

British Government commits to defend freedom of religion worldwide

The Truro report states that the persecution of Christians is so extreme that it amounts to genocide in some parts of the world.

Germany: an evangelical church vandalised in Berlin

Police officers arrested an aggressive man who seemed particularly hostile on Tuesday afternoon.