Tag: anti-Christian violence

Nigeria: 12,000 Christians killed since 2015

Local radical Muslims kill even more Christians than Boko Haram.

Christian convert in hiding after receiving life threats from Muslim community

“I saw them and heard them saying, ‘We will kill you because you left Islam and became infidel,’”

France: Criminals rob and desecrate a church in Mayenne

A "reparation Mass" has been celebrated on March 7, 2020.

Al-Shabaab Islamist seek to banish Christians from Northeastern Kenya

Attacks by terrorists targeting Christians in Northeastern Kenya have been intensifying in the last few years.

France: Manche basilica subjected to acts of vandalism

It is not the first time that this parish located in northwestern France has faced degradation.

Two Christians killed in Al-Shabaab attack in Kenya

Kenya has become a common location for Al-Shabaab to conduct attacks targeting Christians.

Ethiopia: radical Muslims attack Christians and burn down a church

Twenty-three Christians with seven children fled to the neighboring neighborhood, where they are accommodated at the local church.

Pastor tied to tree and beaten for hours by extremists in Southern India

The police failed to file a criminal case against the radicals that broke into the church and assailed the Christians.

Over three years without news from kidnapped Malaysian Pastor

It is very probable yet has not been proven that Pastor Raymond Koh is no longer alive.