Tag: anti-Christian violence

Anti-Christian violence is on the rise in India

In 2018, the Commission for Religious Freedom recorded 325 incidents: their number therefore increased by 12.6% in 2019.

Turkey: abducted Chaldean Christian found dead

Şimuni Diril and her husband were the last Christians still living in the village of Meer.

Gabon: a nun murdered in Libreville

Sister Lydie Oyane, a highly respected member of the community, was allegedly beaten and brutalised before her death.

Two churches burned down in Sudan

There is still much analysis over the recent changes and the idea that Christians will have freedom any time soon.

India: Animists threaten to kill pastor's daughter who refused to deny Christ

Animists entered the pastor's property and told the Christians they would be expelled unless they abandoned their faith.

Myanmar: Christian villages bombed in Chin State

Christian Chins constitute the most persecuted minority in Myanmar.

Nigerian girl escapes captors who forced marriage and conversion

Eighteen other girls are kept illegally away from their families by Muslim gangs according to the Hausa Christian Foundation.

France: arson of church doors in Sète

As in many other churches, the celebration of Masses has been temporarily interrupted in the context of the coronavirus epidemic.

Nigeria: 12,000 Christians killed since 2015

Local radical Muslims kill even more Christians than Boko Haram.