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India’s Karnataka State Passes controversial anti-conversion law

A Karnataka church was attacked and vandalised while the Legislative Assembly was debating the bill.

Attacks on Christians in Southern India on the rise again

Radical nationalists falsely accuse Christians of forcefully converting individuals to Christianity to justify harassment.

Over 300 incidents of Christian persecution documented in India in 2021

In nine states, anti-conversion laws have been enacted to provide a legal umbrella to radicals to persecute Christians.

Seven pastors jailed on false forced conversion claims in India

Local police often overlook violence perpetrated against Christians due to false accusations of forced conversion.

Pastor arrested for "forcefully converting Hindus" in India

In 2020 USCRIF recommended India be designated a Country of Particular Concern.

New Pakistani anti-conversion bill again in question

The Constitution of Pakistan already guarantees religious plurality; however, Christians continue to experience pertsecution.

Elections in Morocco could mean progress for religious freedom

Human rights activists will be watching Morocco closely in the coming months.

Twelve Christians arrested on false forced conversion charges in India

In recent weeks, International Christian Concern (ICC) has documented a surge in false anti-conversion accusations in India.

Algerian Christian sentenced and fined for “shaking the Muslim faith”

Sentencing for "undermining the faith of a Muslim” can range from two to five years in prison.

Algerian Christian sentenced to prison and heavy fine

Beghal’s wife and children left him in 2017 because of his conversion to Christianity.