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Nine hundred Christian families received immediate aid in Nepal

The coronavirus pandemic has hugely affected the Christian community of Nepal. Open Doors provided help to 900 Christians.

Christian family claims Pakistani police fail to recover their abducted daughter

Abduction of young Christians girls as well as their forced conversions and marriage are rampant issue in Pakistan.

Viewers object to Disney's filming in a region where women are forced to abort

According to some people, Disney refused to stand up for those persecuted, after meeting them during the filming of its new movie.

Indian Christians received three thousand digital Bibles from Open Doors

Through these digital Bibles, illiterate people have the possibility to come to know the Word of God, thanks to the audiobook

Pakistani Christian that was sentenced to death files appeal with High Court

The initial blasphemy accusation against Pervaiz was made by a Muslim co-worker in October 2013.

Two Pakistani men were arrested for killing a Christian neighbour

The Pakistani police arrested two men, Salman Khan and Suleman Khan, in connection with the killing of a Christian man.

U.S. Senators: India should be designated as a "country of particular concern"

According to USCIRF, India should be considered amongst the world’s worst violators.

Asia Bibi asks Pakistan's Prime Minister to protect minorities in the country

"I suffered terribly and lived through so many difficulties, but now I am free."

Three Christians flee Iran

Three Iranian Christians had to flee the country to avoid 35 years of prison for their faith.

Christian activists demonstrate against abuse of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws

Twenty-give Christians, including Asif Perviazare, are currently held in prison on false blasphemy charges.