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China remains most worrying country for religious freedom

Persecuted religious minorities in China include Christians, Muslims and Buddhists. 

Muslim men sexually assaulted two Christian children in Pakistan

According to local sources in Pakistan, two Christian children were recently sexually assaulted by Muslim men.

Terrorist group allegedly murdered four Christian farmers in central Sulawesi

Among the four victims, two were members of the Toraja Mamasa Church, one attended Toraja Church, and one was Catholic.

Tristan Azbej: "Let us pray for peace in the Holy Land"

Recently, the conflict between Israeli government forces and Hamas, which controls the Palestinian territories, has escalated.

Radicals in India Use Pandemic as Excuse to Attack Pastor

Hindu nationalists attacked pastor's home, threw stones at it.

China continues to pressure the Church in Hong Kong and Taiwan

A recent Freedom House report ranked China as one of the least free countries in the world

Christian woman blamed for her husband's death in India

God has worked miracles in the lives of her family and community to sustain her.

Christian nurse falsely accused of blasphemy in Pakistan

Sakina Mehtab has since gone into hiding after receiving anonymous calls threatening to “maim and kill” her.

Authorities arrest preacher of house church for officiating funeral in China

Preacher Wu Wuqing, who's already been bullied by the authorities in the past, was released late in the evening.

Ten-year-old Christian girl escaped attempted rape in Pakistan

A 10-year-old Christian girl experienced an attempted rape by her brother’s teacher in her neighbourhood, Essa Nagri, Pakistan.