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Former North Korean prisoner cries out: ‘Please pray for my people’

50,000 secret believers live within the walls of of the country’s intricate prison system.

World is 'washing its hands' of Lebanon, Maronite bishop warns

“It is in the best interest in the whole world to keep Lebanon as free, as democratic, as independent as possible."

Video: The underground Church in North Korea

North Korea may be the most dangerous nation in the world to practice Christianity. Yet, the North Korean Church remains.

Malaysia and Indonesia added to USCIRF special watch list

Christians are threatened constantly and reported that they feel increasing strain and social hostility.

Pakistan: some provide food aid on condition that people convert to Islam

There have been some cases when Muslims exploited the hunger of the poor.

Young Pakistani Christian girl abducted in Punjab Province

According to eyewitnesses, the young girl was forced into a car while shots were being fired.

Asian Bishops join the appeal for global truce amid pandemic

"The suffering of many will be prolonged the world over and healing delayed indefinitely".

2020 day of fasting and prayer for North Korea held today

NKFC picked April 28 because it is also an important date in the history of the North Korea human rights movement.

Murdered pastor's daughter shot in eastern India

The pastor was killed in 2015 after he prayed for a sick boy and helped him to go to the hospital.

UAE-UNESCO partnership rebuilds al-Saa’a Church

The church is a historic landmark in Mosul that was damaged by the Islamic State during its genocide against Christians.