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Brother of Chin pastor killed by the Burmese army still mourning

Stanley believes that his brother’s death in part might be God’s plan to bring international attention to his people's plight.

Church in Northern India attacked by mob of 200 Hindu radicals

Local police have registered a case against the members of the mob, but no arrests have been made so far.

Boy killed his mother over her conversion in Israel

The woman separated from her husband and children in 2006, relocated, and converted.

Muslim men force young Christian girls to marry in Pakistan

Usually the Muslim men attack these girls in groups.

The voiceless victims of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws

The report provides the profiles of 25 current cases in which 29 Pakistani Christians sit charged with committing blasphemy.

Christian boy dies due to injuries from acid attack in India

The boy died due to his injuries, more than a month after the attack.

Christianity grows by nearly one per cent in Muslim-majority Indonesia

Among Indonesia's population, 236.53 million (86.88%) identify as Muslim.

Indonesian Christian beaten up in prison

A Christian man was beaten up by his Muslim co-detainees because of his 'blasphemy'.

Christian YouTuber beaten in jail by... Napoleon Bonaparte

Christians make up merely one per cent of the total population of Indonesia.

Indian pastor arrested on false accusation

The pastor was falsely accused of forcefully converting Hindus.