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Indian police monitor Christian activity after false allegations

Five Christians were falsely accused of violating the Uttar Pradesh State's anti-conversion law by radical Hindu nationalists.

Christian Lay Leader Arrested on Blasphemy Charges in Pakistan

Muslim mob threatens to behead him, burn homes.

First Christians arrested under India’s most recent anti-conversion law

To date, no individual has been convicted of forced conversions in India

Chinese Nuns Working in Vatican’s Hong Kong Mission Detained in Hebei

Last May, during a visit home to Hebei province, the Chinese nuns were arrested by mainland authorities.

Displaced Christian families return home under police protection in Pakistan

In Pakistan, false accusations of blasphemy are widespread and often motivated by personal vendettas or religious hatred.

Testimony of a survivor of two ISIS attacks in Syria

An Open Doors field worker in Syria talked about an ISIS attack in 2015 that he fortunately managed to survive.

Two Christian women forcefully converted by their employers in Pakistan

The family of two Christian sisters in Pakistan claim that the women were forcefully converted to Islam by their Muslim employers.

40 Chinese officials raid home Bible study, detain preacher and worshipers

The atrocity happened in Xuncheng Church in the capital of Shanxi province.

Christian neighbourhood in Pakistan was attacked on Christmas day

Several Christians in Lahore were injured in an attack instigated by Muslim men harassing Christian girls on Christmas day.

Pakistani Christian families flee homes after extremist threats

Violence continued even after a social media post, which allegedly offended Muslims, was withdrawn