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Christian families in India attacked and driven from village

Across India, attacks on Christians and their places of worship have been increasing in both number and severity.

Two churches and a Baptist office hit with incendiary rockets in Chin State

Recent reports that soldiers have come out on the streets and deliberately torched houses in different locations.

Catholic Church grows in Asia and Africa while declining in Europe

The census put the number of lay missionaries in the world at 410,440, with an overall increase of 34,252.

Lisu Christian leader retaliated for protesting forced demolition of his home

Lisu is an ethnic minority in China that has over 80% of the population practicing Christianity.

Over 300 incidents of Christian persecution documented in India in 2021

In nine states, anti-conversion laws have been enacted to provide a legal umbrella to radicals to persecute Christians.

Apple removes Quran and Bible apps in China

Quran Majeed has over 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store, while Bible App by Olive Tree has over 1 million.

Myanmar junta destroys a Chin church after failing to set it ablaze

On the same day, the military junta also burned down other 13 houses in the village.

Pakistani police murdered a Christian man and raped his wife

A Christian young man named Sunny Saleem was arrested and then killed by police while in custody.

Myanmar junta burns church and houses after arresting civilians

Christians have long faced oppression and persecution under iron-fisted military rule for more than five decades.