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Christian family claims Pakistani police fail to recover their abducted daughter

Abduction of young Christians girls as well as their forced conversions and marriage are rampant issue in Pakistan.

Pakistani Christian that was sentenced to death files appeal with High Court

The initial blasphemy accusation against Pervaiz was made by a Muslim co-worker in October 2013.

Two Pakistani men were arrested for killing a Christian neighbour

The Pakistani police arrested two men, Salman Khan and Suleman Khan, in connection with the killing of a Christian man.

A nine-year-old Christian convert girl gang-raped and killed in India

India remains one of the countries in which Christian persecution is the most severe worldwide. 

Hindu radicals use social media to intimidate Christians in India

The Indian NGO Persecution Relief reported as many as 293 cases of Christian persecution in India in the first half of 2020.

India bans six Christian groups from accepting foreign funds

Since Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office in 2014, over 11,000 NGO's lost their licenses to accept foreign funds.

Asia Bibi calls on Pakistani government to protect persecuted Christians

Bibi became the face of persecuted Christians in Pakistan after she was sentenced to death under the country’s blasphemy law.

Chinese citizens providing images of illegal underground churches to receive $70

Millions of Chinese Christians pray in illegal underground churches which are often homes or rented buildings.

A Pakistani Christian was sentenced to death for "blasphemous text messages"

The court’s decision comes almost seven years after the initial blasphemy accusation was made.

A Pakistani barbershop has been ransacked for playing Christian music

According to the Christian owners, local police have sided with the vandals, leaving them without a livelihood.