Tag: Asian Christian persecution

Christian Group continues to deliver Bibles to North Korea via balloons

VOMK uses pre-filled balloons to carry USB flash drive loaded with official North Korean translations of the Bible.

Hindu radicals threaten to kill a Christian family in north India

The threats started after the family refused to renounce their Christian faith.

India: Religious conversion ban threatening Christians may be expanded

According to Evangelical Fellowship of India, at least 366 violent attacks on India's Christian community were reported in 2019.

Christian group calls for release of Christian prisoners accused of blasphemy

Prisoners around the world called for a worldwide moratorium on the death penalty during the COVID-19 crisis.

Protest held outside UN headquarters over Christian persecution in Pakistan

Christians and other religious minorities are still being treated as second-class citizens in Pakistan.

Christian man brutally murdered for his faith by radicals in India

Before his death he assured his wife to remain strong and never to give up her faith in Jesus even if they killed him.”

Christian family under threat for reporting sexual assault in Pakistan

According to Dr Aasi, the family is still under threat.

Indonesia’s religious freedom still has room for improvement

In the latest report from USCIRF the Muslim country's poor implementation of religious freedom and belief was highlighted.

Pakistan: Church protests discriminatory job advertisement

Pakistani Church authorities express their objection over a job advert offering cleaning jobs exclusively to non-Muslims.

An armed gang attacked a church in Pakistan

By the time police arrived on the scene the culprits had fled. None of the witnesses were injured.