Tag: Asian Christian persecution

Anti-Conversion Law Cripples Another Family in India

First, a mob harassed the Christian family, then the local law enforcement agency treated them unfavourable.

Chinese church in Yunnan banned from gathering during the pandemic

The Chinese government often uses disease prevention as an excuse to violate religious freedom.

Preachers from Zion Church in Beijing arrested

Zion Church, established in 2007, used to be the largest house church in Beijing, drawing 1,500 congregants every Sunday.

Some Muslims want the land of a Christian family: they attack, loot and destroy

The incident took place in Sarakdanga, a village near Naogaon.

Hindu nationalists use forged document to discredit Christian groups in Nepal

The forged document claims that the Christian groups are seeking to create ethnic divisions in Nepal to gain converts.

Christian banker fired for his faith in Pakistan

Some seventy per cent of Christians lost their jobs or reported reduced income during a nationwide lockdown in 2020.

Chinese underground Catholic fined for providing a place for Mass

Increased punishment will become a norm for Christians participating in these religious activities not vetted by the state.

Islamists in Pakistan Forcibly ‘Convert’ Catholic, Threaten Family

Muslims say harm will come if mentally challenged man ‘leaves’ Islam.

China's persecution of Christians intensified in 2020, according to new report

Overall, the CCP authorities persecuted one hundred per cent of house churches across the country.

Indian news outlets respond negatively to 2021 USCIRF report

USCIRF’s work is grounded in thorough research and fact-filled reporting on the realities of religious freedom around the world.