Tag: Asian Christian persecution

Joint prayer network banned by Chinese government in Beijing

During the pandemic, China has further tightened its grip on house churches.

New book documents bias and stigmatisation in Pakistan’s education system

The book, written by Peter Jacob, Director for the Centre for Social Justice, was published on the 16th of November.

North Korean defector traveled three thousand miles as a teen to be free to pray

“The system forces you to only focus on getting your basic survival needs met,” Sookyung Kang explains.

Christian in Wuhan warned by authorities about street evangelism

On the 3rd of August, a Chinese Christian was sentenced by the authorities in administrative detention for “illegal evangelism."

Christian in Wuhan Warned for Street Evangelism

The case is not unique. On August 3, a Christian in China was sentenced by the authorities to 10 days for “illegal evangelism.”

Christians in Southern India Brutally Attacked for Holding Prayer Meeting

Fifteen nationalists broke in and attacked the Christians with wooden clubs and sticks.

Christians pay with their lives for being faithful to Christ in North Korea

Religious life in North Korea is controlled by the authorities which have destroyed most churches and other places of worship.

Churches are being transformed into "cultural centres" across China

Despite being severely persecuted, estimates show that there are around sixty million Christians living in China.

Evangelist pastor prevented from sharing the Gospel by Chinese authorities

Yunfei became a Christian in 2015, and following his conversion, began sharing the Gospel publicly.