Tag: Asian Christian persecution

Church members forced to pose like Christ on the cross during beating.

Christians suffer police brutality, illegal arrests in Uttar Pradesh, India

Nepal: Christian pastor arrested for praying against the spread of COVID-19

The pastor could face up to six months in prison after being unjustly accused of giving false information about COVID-19.

Despite hostility and rising nationalism, the Church in India continues to grow

According to National General Secretary of the All-India Christian Council, most Hindus view Christianity as a foreign religion.

Pakistan: abducted 13-year-old girl returned to her Christian family

"Our daughters are often sexually harassed by influential Muslims," Saima’s father told International Christian Concern (ICC).

Pakistan: Christian sanitation workers at risk amid COVID-19 lockdown

According to Pakistani Christian leaders, Christians make up between 80% to 90% of the country’s sanitation workforce.

India : Christians attacked and tortured in Uttar Pradesh

The officers torturing the faithful ordered them to deny their faith in Jesus Christ.

Anti-Christian violence is on the rise in India

In 2018, the Commission for Religious Freedom recorded 325 incidents: their number therefore increased by 12.6% in 2019.

Christian family violently expelled from village in Central India

As a result, the whole family has been forced to live homeless in the nearby jungle as they struggle to survive.

Persecution increasing in Sri Lanka, according to UN expert's recent report

Persecution increasing in Sri Lanka, says Christian group BPCA backs UN expert's recent report on violations of religious freedom.

India: Animists threaten to kill pastor's daughter who refused to deny Christ

Animists entered the pastor's property and told the Christians they would be expelled unless they abandoned their faith.