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Terrorists kill four Christians and burn church members’ homes in Indonesia

In 2018, fifteen people were killed and fifty-seven others were injured in suicide bombings in the Surabaya area.

Draft anti-conversion law approved by state government in India

Christians in Uttar Pradesh are worried that the approved draft law could push religious minorities into a more hostile situation.

Hindu radicals beat Christians up before destroying their church and house

This act of anti-Christian violence took place in the central region of Telangana.

63,000 USD promised for anyone who beheads a Christian in Pakistan

In Pakistan, any kind of desecration targeting the prophet is punishable by death.

Vietnamese Catholic activist arrived in the US for asylum

In communist Vietnam, being active in social justice and bold in one’s faith could mean threats, harassment, or even imprisonment.

Limitations on religious freedom will intensify in China

In the western Xinijang region, according to human rights activists, two million Uighurs have been sent to re-education camps.

Radical Hindus demand Indian governement to deny benefits to Christian converts

Similar demands have also been made in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand.

Joint prayer network banned by Chinese government in Beijing

During the pandemic, China has further tightened its grip on house churches.

New book documents bias and stigmatisation in Pakistan’s education system

The book, written by Peter Jacob, Director for the Centre for Social Justice, was published on the 16th of November.

North Korean defector traveled three thousand miles as a teen to be free to pray

“The system forces you to only focus on getting your basic survival needs met,” Sookyung Kang explains.