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Church vandalized after two Christians accused of proselytizing in India

“These anti-conversion laws are tools for intimidating, mistreating, and frightening the tiny Christian community”

Christians in Pakistan struggle amid locust invasion and coronavirus crisis

“Christians have been told: Unless you become a Muslim or recite the Muslim creed, we’re not going to help you”

Christian victim of bonded labor in Pakistan threatened into silence

Victims of bonded labor and their families are extremely pressurized and threatened in the villages by landlords

U.S. Commission recommends “Binding Agreement” to protect religious minorities

Laws against blasphemy in Pakistan have led to both attacks and death sentences for members of Pakistan’s religious minorities

South Korea made "Bible launches" illegal

Voice of the Martyrs Korea launches balloons with Scripture attached and drops bottles containing pieces of Scripture into the sea

Haryana State in India to implement Religious Conversion Bill

This is the 9th state to pass this law to the legislative assembly, empowering Hindu radicals to attack and intimidate Christians

Church in India set on fire by suspected radical Hindu nationalist

The state of Tamil Nadu is known for its sizable Christian population and it is of the most hostile state for Christians to live.

Deep concerns over religious freedom in India

In 2019 International Religious Freedom Report, the U.S. State Department documented major violations of religious freedom.

Authorities unresponsive and hostile against Christians in Northeast India

Police officers in another area of Jharkhand falsely accused a Christian’s relatives of an assault that left a woman unconscious.

Equality before the law merely a slogan for Indonesian Christians

A situation like this often occurs in Indonesia. The victims are asked to ‘reconcile’ with the offenders if they are Christians.