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Fourteen men raid Christian school in Pakistan

Pakistan is not a friendly place for Christians, as they are subjected to violence and abuse across the country.

A renown Christian website has been closed down in China

The closure of Jona Home reflects how the Chinese authorities clamp down on Christianity.

A Christian pastor in India was subjected to tortures in police custody

The injured pastor was released the following Sunday evening.

Police track down pastor and house church members in China

Open Doors USA estimates that there are about 97 million Christians in China.

The radio station which shares the Gospel in North Korea

FNKR is a powerful ministry ranked #1 among radio stations in North Korea for the quality of news and hope-giving messages.

House church members raided after Easter baptism in China

Pastor Mao and his church have been targeted by the government for his vocal support for religious freedom and Pastor Wang Yi.

Hindu nationalists targeted Christian communities during Easter in India

Christians have been targeted for their faith across India for a long time.

Three Christians arrested following attack by Hindu nationalists

Over a hundred radical Hindu nationalists bursted into the house where six Christians were praying.

Chinese bishop forcibly taken away before Easter

Bishop Zhao has been detained time and again in the last few years

Christian YouTuber sentenced to 10 years in prison in Indonesia

The inconsistent standard embedded in Indonesia’s legal system is self-evident.