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Pastor flees home after "merciless tortures" by police in India

Attacks on Christians have been on the rise since the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party won the 2014 national elections.

Twelve Christians arrested on false forced conversion charges in India

In recent weeks, International Christian Concern (ICC) has documented a surge in false anti-conversion accusations in India.

Chinese pastors ordered to preach on Xi Jinping’s speech

Xi Jinping delivered the address on the 1st of July, the 100th anniversary of the CCP.

Chinese street preacher released after being held under surveillance

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities held Mr. Chen for twenty days under residential surveillance at the West Lake Resort.

Fate of imprisoned Chinese bishop remains unknown

The Catholic community in Xinxiang continues to pray fervently for the release of Bishop Zhang.

Indian priest accused of terrorism dies in prison

Father Stan Swamy was suffering from Parkinson's disease and had recently caught the Covid.

Two Christians poisoned to death in Pakistan

The murders, both under investigation, have created a new concern for Pakistan’s Christian community.

A discriminatory job advertisement was published in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Christians make up between 80% to 90% of the sanitation workforce.

Pakistani Christian couple cleared of blasphemy charges escapes death by hanging

The couple was arrested in July 2013 under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws and the session court sentenced them to death by hanging.

Christian pastor beaten to death in Northern India

Station Head Officer Baljeet Singh told Morning Star News that the motive for the killing “was some trivial animosity".