Tag: Asian Christians

Indonesian Pastor targeted for his remarks regarding the Quran

Pastor Abraham was sentenced to four years for religious defamation and a fine equivalent to USD $3,565 in May 2018.

Christian Pastor murdered in Central India

Christians in Chhattisgarh state have been facing severe persecution following the hate speeches of right-wing organizations.

Burmese nuns forced to flee military junta in Myanmar

The current situation demonstrates the daily suffering that many Christians throughout Myanmar.

A Muslim preacher calls the Bible "fiction" and faces 5 months in jail

Under the same blasphemy law, a Christian YouTuber converted from Islam faces up to ten years in prison.

Christian families socially boycotted in Central India

Christians are often regardes as second class citizens in this region of the world.

Two detained house church teachers in Wuhu have been released

In July 2021, Mount Carmel Church was coercively shut down by the Wuhu government.

Provinces in China are to issue online license for religious activities

The CCP's goal is to tighten the party’s grip on religion.

India’s Christians fear rise in violence by Hindu extremists

Uttar Pradesh state witnessed at least 102 incidents of violence against Christians in 2021.

Nuns’ convent damaged by Tatmadaw’s bombing in Demoso

According to Catholic News World, 9 churches have been targeted so far. 

A mob of several hundred people broke into church in Sri Lanka

The police are to continue their investigation.