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Portuguese bishops praised the President's decision on new euthanasia law

Rebelo de Sousa emphasised that the new law would give enormous prerogatives to doctors to decide who would be euthanised or not.

Irish bishop banned from Twitter for criticising euthanasia

A number of groups, even Palliative Care groups, have called the proposed legislation from the far left "deeply flawed".

The legalisation of euthanasia represents a threat for sick patients in Spain

Spanish bishops call for "a genuine therapeutic alliance (...) to humanise the death process through material and spiritual help"

Chuck Norris criticises North Americans for their views on abortion

"It is shocking to think that more than sixty-two million Americans have lost their lives in the womb since 1973," he wrote.

Catholic lawyers point to the unconstitutional law on euthanasia in Portugal

They called on the Head of State to veto the newly enacted legislation as "contrary to the foundations of the constitution."

The Portuguese parliament has legalised euthanasia and assisted suicide

Over 95,000 people signed a petition demanding the project of law to be rejected. 

Spain will become the sixth country in the world to legalise euthanasia

At the moment, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are the only European countries where euthanasia is permitted.

In the Netherlands, the elderly are killed on request because of "loneliness"

Netherlands is among the most liberal countries in the world when it comes to the question of assisted suicide.

Dutch doctors can now secretly add sedatives in food before euthanising patients

The rule says it's not necessary for the doctor to agree with the patient the time or manner in which euthanasia will be given.

New Zealand votes to legalise euthanasia for terminally ill patients

Lawmakers voted to approve the End of Life Choice Act 2019 last year before sending the issue to a referendum.