Tag: Attack on Christians

Nigerian Christians targeted by Islamic militants during coronavirus lockdown

"These are horrific, opportunistic attacks on people who are defenceless in their homes during lockdown,”

Saint John Paul II died fifteen years ago

He was the first non-Italian pope in almost half a millenium and the youngest pope since 1864.

Church members forced to pose like Christ on the cross during beating.

Christians suffer police brutality, illegal arrests in Uttar Pradesh, India

Kidnapped French, Iraqi aid workers released after 2 months

The three French citizens and one Iraqi worked for SOS Chretiens d'Orient, which helps persecuted Christians in the region.

Christian family violently expelled from village in Central India

As a result, the whole family has been forced to live homeless in the nearby jungle as they struggle to survive.

Pastor in India continues ministry in the face of escalating persecution

Since announcement of Hindu nationalists, attacks on Christians and their places of worship in Uttar Pradesh have skyrocketed.

Christian cemetery attacks increase in Turkey

Last month, twenty of 72 gravestones in the Ortaköy Christian Cemetery in Ankara were destroyed.

Christian hospital in India attacked by Hindu extremists

According to Christian leaders, the attack on the hospital is a sign of the growing intolerance faced by the country’s Christians

Nigerian priest details 6 ways Christians face discrimination in Nigeria

Christians are facing lesser-known forms of societal discrimination because of their faith in Christ. 

Wife of Nigerian Anglican bishop kidnapped

Saratu Zubairu the wife of Rt Rev Idris Ado Zubairu, the bishop of Bari, Nigeria has been kidnapped with the diocesan secretary.