Tag: Attack on Christians

Cruelty to animals gets more media coverage than beheaded Christians

While Christians were murdered in Nigeria, the global media ran a story of a pig being tied up on a bungee-jumping tower

Three Christmas cribs burned in Belgium

Christmas cribs being intentionally set on fire becomes more and more common in Western Europe.

A bus transporting pilgrims attacked in France

The 53 Christians on board were going to celebrate the 149th anniversary of the Apparition of the Virgin Mary in Pontmain.

Three Christian teachers murdered in Kenya

25 killed by Al-Shabaab over the past five weeks

Church demolished by suspected radicals in Southern India

Suspects are radical Hindu nationalists in a village called Kongalnagaram, in India’s Tamil Nadu state.

Video - 2019 The Christian Institute's News review of the Year

Video - The Christian Institute: Welcome to our review of issues that made the headlines in 2019.

Europe: anti-Christian attacks reach all-time high in 2019

The research shows that roughly 3,000 Christian churches, schools, cemeteries and monuments were vandalized

ISWAP executed Christian captives on Christmas day

The terrorist group claimed that they spared the lives of two captives that appeared in the earlier video.

NGO report: Over 1000 Christians in Nigeria killed by Fulani, Boko Haram in 2019

Anti-Christian extremists continue to plague rural farming communities in the African Middle Belt