Tag: Attack on Christians

Christian family badly beaten in Chhattisgarh State, India

An Indian Christian family was brutally attacked by radical Hindu Nationalists for refusing to deny their Christian faith

Police release suspect in attempted killing of pastor in India

Under pressure from an official in the ruling Hindu nationalist political party, police in Uttar Pradesh state

Incidents of Christian Persecution spike as India emerges from lockdown

These incidents include physical assaults, damage to Christian properties, and threats issued by radical Hindu nationalists

Villagers burn home, beat wife of former Muslim Sheikh in Eastern Uganda

A former sheikh (Muslim teacher) in eastern Uganda became a Christian - Muslim villagers surrounded his house and set it ablaze

Peaceful rally demanding justice following Christian murder

A peaceful rally was organized to demand justice for Sombura Madkami, a 14-year-old Christian boy from Kendugunda village, India

New report says murders of Christians in Nigeria is paving the way for genocide

The report Nigeria: Unfolding Genocide? focuses on the mass murders of terror group Boko Haram and armed groups of Muslim herdsmen

Nigerian bishop: Corruption and weakness are killing us

Weak and corrupt government in Nigeria is to blame for conflict spiraling out of control, and failing to stem the violence there.

Attacks on Christians skyrocketing in Spain

Attacks on religious freedom have been growing continuously since 2014 when the OLRC began collecting data. 

Pakistani Christian farmer and his family attacked at home and badly beaten

The attackers also fired a gun but the bullet did not hit anybody. Then he was badly beaten with a baton and his arm was broken.

ISIS attacks increase in NE Syria

Although these attacks are not specifically targeting Christians, they have affected a large Christian community.