Tag: Attack on Christians

Vatican urges OSCE to promote religious freedom amid rising intolerance

The Holy See warns that religiously-motivated hate crimes are on the rise, as the Covid-19 pandemic increases intolerance

111 houses burnt, dozens of people killed, 66 kidnapped in Kaduna, Nigeria

The Adara Development Association, ADA, in Kaduna State has cried out over killing and kidnapping of their indigenes by bandits.

Burkina Faso: An exemplary way of helping the victims of terrorism

To help mitigate the impact of the crisis, ACN has just approved a project that will be helping internally displaced people.

A man disturbed Masses in Poland by attacking priests and the faithful

The young man who has been arrested could face up to twelve years of imprisonment.

Two years after Surabaya bombings, religious radicalism still grows in Indonesia

After two years, the question still lingers, why is it so easy to lure women and even children to become bombers?

Church in Pakistan desecrated in attack by “Land Grabbers”

As a result of the attack, the church’s wall and main gate were damaged and a cross was desecrated.

Two Christians killed in villages in Adamawa State, Nigeria

They have long dealt with attacks perpetrated by Fulani militants and have suffered many deaths.

Head of Christian high school and his family shot in North-central Nigeria

Miraculously, they all survived the brutal attack of Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Plateau state.

In Nigeria, a priest reflects on deadly Fulani attack

Fulani herdsmen (traditionally Muslims) are responsible for 17,000 deaths between 2015 and 2020 (most victims being Christians)

In Aleppo, Syria, COVID-19 adds to ongoing suffering of Christians

The majority of the Christian families are surviving thanks to the support of the local Church and the help of organizations.