Tag: attack on churches

Armed man arrested near a church in Paris

The man was already known for minor law infringements.

Church arsonist pleads guilty, condemned to five years in prison in Montana

A woman accused of setting a church on fire in Alberton last year recently pleaded guilty and was sentenced in Missoula County Cou

Two churches targeted by anti-Christian attacks in France

France has been having difficulties to tackle radical Islamism on its soil for many years.

A church was burglarised and set ablaze in Arizona

The church was attacked on the 15th of February; police have already arrested a suspect.

Christians in Bangladesh protest against the demolition of a church

Local officials claim the church was being illegally built in a forest reserve.

Five churches have been burned down in Kenya

Local authorities do little to protect religious minorities in Kenya.

Nepalese authorities demolished a church

The demolition comes shortly after a UN General Assembly resolution condemning the destruction of religious sites.

Pro-abortion activists violently disturb Masses in Poland

Numerous acts of vandalism and desecration were perpetrated as a reaction the the court ruling.

A church was desecrated and the priest threatened in Brazil

The sculpture of Saint Francis of Assisi was also vandalised.