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A church has been attacked by extremists in Sudan

The court hearing was scheduled for April 14, but the police offer who lodged the complaint did not attend.

Explosive device planted in a French church during Mass

Toulouse Archbishop Guy de Kerimel strongly condemned this act targeting the Christians community. 

Police thwart mob attack on church in Northern India

Across India, false claims of forced religious conversions are used to harass Christians and justify attacks on chuirches.

US State Department condemns attacks on churches and in Myanmar

The statement concludes with a promise to hold the perpetrators of violence accountable.

Armed man arrested near a church in Paris

The man was already known for minor law infringements.

Church arsonist pleads guilty, condemned to five years in prison in Montana

A woman accused of setting a church on fire in Alberton last year recently pleaded guilty and was sentenced in Missoula County Cou

Two churches targeted by anti-Christian attacks in France

France has been having difficulties to tackle radical Islamism on its soil for many years.

A church was burglarised and set ablaze in Arizona

The church was attacked on the 15th of February; police have already arrested a suspect.