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The Supreme Court of Australia acquitted Cardinal George Pell.

The Australian cardinal was put in a prison for dangerous criminals where he spent thirteen months

Assisted suicide applications higher than expected under new Australian law

All of the suicides were committed in accordance with Victorian law.

Two bioethicists consider babies as "potential people" and justify killing them

The authors "prefer to talk about 'post-birth abortion' rather than 'infanticide'".

I came out at New Year ... as a Christian

There came a point where I admitted to myself who I was and what I believed

Euthanasia is legal in Victoria, Australia from today

The scheme has already received 100 inquiries

Girl fled Christian persecution from Iraq and found new life in Australia

"Going to church every day gave us that reassurance and that faith that there was a God who has our back"

Heroes aren't born. They are cornered.

Heroic father talks of how he confronted terrorists at Christchurch mosque, New Zealand - Watch new video footage!