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Pastoral office stormed by right-wing extremists in Austria

The perpetrators apparently belong to the right-wing "Identitäre" (Identitarians) group.

Man arrested for torturing six monks out of hatred against the church

The man did not give any information at first, but in the meantime has agreed to cooperate and confessed to the crime.

A church was set on fire in Austria

Despite early attempts to extinguish the fire, the wooden altar was destroyed and a statue of the Virgin Mary was damaged.

Catholic memorial vandalised by far-left extremists in Austria

The plaque at the memorial for the victims and resistance fighters from the rank of the ÖCV was smeared with anarchist symbols.

Christmas tree trenched with gasoline in Austrian Muslim district

Four people were arrested immediately and the local government initiated a new security strategy for the area.

Croatian organist found dead after church collapses following deadly earthquake

Reports say the tremors were felt as far away as the Austrian capital, Vienna.

Masses without the faithful until the 17th of January in Austria

Churches will remain open for individual prayer throughout the day.

A Catholic youth group in Austria was attacked by Islamic fundamentalist

On the 2nd of November, a terrorist attack caused the death of four people in Austria.

Suspect of the Vienna terror attack identified as an ISIS sympathiser

Police shot dead another suspect who was armed with an assault rifle and was wearing a fake suicide vest.

Austria, Vienna: At least four people killed and twenty-two injured in attack

Yesterday evening, shortly after 8 PM, terror attackers opened fire on passersby in six regions of the city centre of Vienna