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Austrian church smeread with insulting graffitis

Only the week before, the church of the Graz priest Wolfgang Pucher was affected, a Bible was even set on fire.

Satnic graffiti discovered in Austrain church

The vandals also sprayed an angel's face red.

Anti-Christian graffitis found on Austrian Christian's homes and workplaces

The perpetrators probably belong to a radical feminist group.

A church has been vandalised and desecrated in Austria

During the police investigation, two metal bowls from the holy water font were also found near the crime scene.

Austria's parliament legalises assisted suicide

The practice would have effectively become unregulated, had there been no legislation

OSCE report shows alarming increase of anti-Christian hate crimes

Most of the crimes remain unreported, unrecorded and unprosecuted, leaving victims without support or redress.

Church vandalised by young man in Austria

The man told the police that the church would belong to him.

Student union block pro-life with anti-Christian slogans and insults in Vienna

The "March for Ass" was organised and supported by different feminist, socialist and communist organisations.