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Some Muslims want the land of a Christian family: they attack, loot and destroy

The incident took place in Sarakdanga, a village near Naogaon.

More than a hundred Christian families are persecuted by imams in Bangladesh

The imams visit the Christian converts twice a day to convince them to return to Islamism.

Christians in Bangladesh protest against the demolition of a church

Local officials claim the church was being illegally built in a forest reserve.

Two Protestant churches targeted, attacked and ransacked

Forest Department officials tore down a Seventh-day Adventist church in Bandarban district for lack of construction permit.

Christians demand justice after attack on Bangladeshi church

Police claim the incident is a land dispute and deny the existence of the church

Six-year-old girl forced to pray Muslim prayer in Bangladesh

Muslim extremists of Bangladesh go from house to house and force Christians to deny their faith and pray Muslim prayers.

Rohingya refugee camp caught fire in Bangladesh

More than five hundred Rohingya refugees were affected by the fire; there were also some Christians among them.

Christians' home destroyed by extremists in Bangladesh

The vandals also have stolen their animals

Rohingya Christians are being harassed in refugee camps

Even though they fled Myanmar, they are still suffering from persecution in the refugee camps.

A pastor was attacked and his home and church destroyed in Bangladesh

Armed men invaded the house of the Christian leader where his wife was also attacked.