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Women of Bangladesh forced to marry their rapists

Women in Bangladesh are facing the horrific trend of being raped and ultimately forced to marry their rapists.

Bangladesh ruling party reneges promise regarding religious minorities

Christian population makes up less than 2% of Bangladesh.

91-year-old Christian murdered at home in Bangladesh

The state religion of Bangladesh is Islam, with less than one per cent of the population being Christian.

Bangladesh removes Islam as state religion

Bangladesh embraces original secular constitution

Deceased Rohingya Christian could not be buried

In late August, a Rohingya Christian refugee passed away due to illness in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar.

Church in Bangladesh demolished twice by Buddhist radicals

The Christian community of Suandrapara has been praying in a small house church setting since 2005.

Bangladesh minorities protest against establishment of Islam as state religion

Last week, Hindus, Christians, and Buddhists in Bangladesh joined together to participate in the annual “Black Day” protest.

Christians were forced to stop building their church in Bangladesh

The local Buddhist community prohibited the Christians to build their church.

Some Muslims want the land of a Christian family: they attack, loot and destroy

The incident took place in Sarakdanga, a village near Naogaon.

More than a hundred Christian families are persecuted by imams in Bangladesh

The imams visit the Christian converts twice a day to convince them to return to Islamism.