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Belgian bishops call for the opening of all churches and chapels

Since mid-December, a maximum of fifteen people have been able to participate in the liturgies.

A church was vandalised in Belgium

On the night of the 21st of January, the church of the village of Veywertz, in Eastern Belgium, was vandalised.

Belgian bishops approve ban on Christmas in-church celebrations

While the celebration of the Mass is still forbidden, swimming pools have already re-opened across the country.

The elderly are increasingly being abandonned in Belgium

The Psychiatric Times calls Belgium the “epicenter of psychiatric euthanasia.”

Support for abortion is decreasing in Europe

As surprising as it may seem, the most significant rise in a pro-life position in Europe occurred in Germany and France.

Catholic Church in Belgium sees rise in adult baptisms

The number of adult baptisms has grown steadily from 143 in 2010, to 180 in 2015, to more than 300 in 2020.

Statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus stolen in Belgium.

This statue of Christ had just been restored last month.

A statue of the Virgin Mary vandalised in Belgium

The statue has been severely damaged, the face being particularly mutilated.

Statue of a saint decapitated in Belgium

The head of the statue had been removed but was eventually found