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Australian bishops concerned about the rising number of "assisted suicides"

In Australia, terminally ill patients can decide to have their life support system turned off.

U.S. government condemns persecution of Catholic Church in Nicaragua

According to USCIRF commissioner James W. Carr, the threats against religious freedom in Nicaragua “remain troubling”.

UK government disregards believers with new sanitary regulations

It will still not be possible to celebrate public liturgies or go to church for private prayer.

European Bishops call on governments to ensure religious freedom

The COMECE argues that the key role of religion in European society has been neglected by the European Commission.

German Bishops admit that their predecessors failed to oppose National Socialism

"Both in September 1939 and later, there was no open protest of German Bishops against the National Socialists," says the text.

Pope Francis urges "prudence and obedience" to pandemic protocols

In a letter to the Prime Minister, Italian Bishops said they would "not accept freedom of religion to be compromised."

NZ Catholic Bishops releases statement one year after Christchurch shootings

Bishops of New Zealand call for peace and are promoting the strengthening of interfaith religions.

German episcopate calls on homosexual priests to make their coming out

In December 2019, representatives of the German episcopate stated that homosexuality is "completely natural".