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The Persecution of Christians - in just one month

The following are among the abuses Muslims inflicted on Christians all around the Globe throughout the month of May 2020

Islamist militants abducted four aid workers in Northeast Nigeria

In this region the conflict with Boko Haram has fueled one of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis

Genocide is indeed taking place in Nigeria

Open Doors considers attacks on Christians as “religious cleansing” and an attempt “to eradicate Christianity” from the region.

Four shepherds killed by Boko Haram in northern Cameroon

Since 2015, the region has been regularly attacked by Boko Haram insurgents who attack farmers, shepherds and loggers.

Nigerian Bishop: "Attacks on farmers are likely to lead us to hunger"

Last week over 260 people were killed in various attacks in Nigeria by both Boko Haram and gangs of armed herdsmen.

The Islamic State West Africa Province kills dozens of people in Nigeria

Boko Haram and its offshoot, Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), have killed thousands and displaced millions in Nigeria.

New report says murders of Christians in Nigeria is paving the way for genocide

The report Nigeria: Unfolding Genocide? focuses on the mass murders of terror group Boko Haram and armed groups of Muslim herdsmen

81 killed in bloody Boko Haram attack in Nigerian village

Men gathered the villagers on Tuesday morning and started shooting in the incident which lasted several hours.

Nigerian Government refutes claims about "Christian genocide"

U.S. State Department added Nigeria to its “special watch list” of countries engaging in “severe violations of religious freedom."

Boko Haram killed 69 People in Northern Nigeria

They arrived in vehicles and on motorcycles, shooting with AK-47s, razing the village and stealing 1,200 cattle and camels.