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Nigerian woman lost her husband in Boko Haram attack, but still stands for Jesus

Open Doors shared a video about the story of a woman who escaped a Boko Haram attack.

Nearly two thousand people have been killed by militants in Nigeria in 2020

This number does not include the hundreds of militants killed or the hundreds of civilians killed by unidentified bandit groups.

Nigerian bishop after Christmas attack: “No evil will take away our faith”

“One thing that Boko Haram will never take from us is our faith."

Boko Haram abducted forty people in single attack

On Thursday, the 24th of December, Boko Haram abducted 40 people from the Wulgo Forest in Borno State, Nigeria.

Boko Haram kills 11 in Nigeria on Christmas Eve

Boko Haram, the jihadist terrorist group active in northeast Nigeria, struck again on Christmas Eve, killing at least 11 people.

Boko Haram kidnapped hundreds of children in Nigeria

The fate of over three hundred students remains unknown.

Christian lawyer hides after receiving death threats in Nigeria

Islamist militias in Nigeria murdered an estimated 1,202 Christians between January and June of this year.

Jihadists continue to terrorise religious minorities in Nigeria

Life as a christian in Nigeria represents a danger in itself, especially in the northeastern parts of the country.

Boko Haram killed one hundred and ten Nigerian farmers in one day

On the 28th of November, one hundred and ten farmers lost their lives in a Boko Haram attack.