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A person died in a church-shooting in California, USA

One person died in the attack at the church in Laguna Woods.

Hundreds of Christians protest against California abortion legislation

The bill describes mothers as “pregnant people” and proposes the legalisation of infanticide.

California shuts down church preschool for not enforcing mask mandate

Foothills Christian Church has appealed the closure and a hearing has been scheduled for next Friday.

Armenian church vandalised in California

Additionally, the nearby KZV Armenian School was defaced with anti-Armenian graffiti.

California churches celebrate win for religious liberty

The cases against the measures were filed by the Thomas More Society, a nonprofit law firm defending religious freedom.

Catholic summer camp for teens; to produce ‘active voices for life’

Camp in California is aiming to give Catholic teens the tools they need to be “courageous and active voices for life” in the world

California bill targets university healthcare links to Catholic hospitals

The local bill would enforce legislation that goes against Catholic ethics.

California withdraws restrictions on religion after Supreme Court ruling

Californian restrictions on religion are where among the most restrictive in North America.

Supreme Court orders California to lift restrictions on at-home worships

California’s rule that limits at-home religious gatherings violates the First Amendment’s protection of religious exercise.

FBI investigates explosion at California church labeled 'hate group' by SPLC

The improvised explosive device was apparently detonated at the church, causing some damage.