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Calgary police charge man in two cases of church vandalism

Vandalism followed revelations of unmarked graves at residential schools

Canadian pastor arrested at airport upon arrival to Canada

Pawlowski was born in Poland and lived under Soviet rule during part of his childhood.

Ten graves vandalised in a Quebec cemetery

The layman who manages the parish that installing CCTV cameras "would not change anything".

Adoption agency rejcted the demand of a couple for their Christian values

"We also said that that we didn’t agree that we should simply let the child dress as the other gender.”

New Bible translation embraces Native American storytelling

In recent years, there have been multiple efforts by Christians to improve outreach to Native American populations.

Two cemetaries vandalised in Quebec

The event is believed to have occurred over the past weekend.

Thirteen churches attacked since mid-June in Vancouver

Out of all these cases, only two have been resolved.

Canadian government worriing about decline in abortions

Trudeau’s government is aiming to counteract the “worrying” 20% dip in abortions in a Canadian province over the last five years.

Catholic church demolished by teenagers in Quebec

Members of the local community were outraged by this act of vandalism

Activists unveil "Pro-Life Flag" uniting global movement against abortion

The Pro-Life Flag Project unveiled the flag on its Twitter page Saturday.