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Canadian faith leaders join to oppose expansion of assisted suicide

Public opinion polls have consistently shown Canadians support having access to legal medically induced suicide

"Ecological" organisation encourages couples not to have children

On the campaign's website, one can find a number of arguments to "prove" the wisdom of not extending the family.

Asia Bibi asks Pakistan's Prime Minister to protect minorities in the country

"I suffered terribly and lived through so many difficulties, but now I am free."

Stolen tabernacle was found in Canada

The Eucharist was not found in the tabernacle, but because it was in a body of water, it may have dissolved.

A tabernacle was stolen from a cathedral in Canada

The rector of the cathedral stated that the thieves had previously cased the cathedral to determine how to break-in.

A statue of the Virgin Mary has been decapitated in Toronto

Police are now investigating the incident, which Sgt Jeff Zammit has described as “pathetic.”

A Catholic church vandalised in Quebec

The Saint-Pierre-de-La Vernière church has been classified as a heritage building since 1992.

Stations of the Cross vandalised in Canada

The statues were erected in 1953 so there is no mould to reproduce them or give them the same form they used to have.

Canadian city of Calgary bans "conversion therapy"

The measure passed after a day of debate in a fourteen-to-one vote.

Canada has just declared abortion essential.

Not even a global pandemic is enough to curtail a pledge to the killing of the unborn.