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Canadian archbishop warns Trudeau over new 'assisted dying' laws

“We listen to those who, gripped by a physical or psychological crisis, see no reason for going on.”

Asia Bibi showed a picture of herself for the first time since fleeing Pakistan

In October 2018, the Supreme Court of Pakistan cleared Asia Bibi of blasphemy, for which she was sentenced to death in 2010.

Don’t use ’tragic case’ to legalize assisted suicide, UK group says

Care Not Killing fights against the legalisation of assisted suicide

Church heavily damaged by fire in Canada

The Sainte-Philomène church in Mercier, a small town of Quebec, went up in flames.

Actor in Aladdin is a Coptic Christian

After Rami Malek another star with Coptic Christian roots has emerged from the Hollywood scene

Asia Bibi still in danger in Canada

Islamic extremists vow to hunt her down

Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi has arrived in Canada

"Asia Bibi has left the country. She is a free person and travelled on her independent will"

Quebec moves to ban the wearing of religious symbols by public workers

The “secularism bill” would apply to Muslim headscarves, Catholic crosses and Jewish skullcaps

Montreal officials oust crucifix from City Hall

Montreal’s City Hall doesn’t need Christ, officials have said.