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Florida man sets Catholic Church on fire with parishioners inside

“Masses will resume as normal in the parish hall beginning this evening,” the diocese communicated.

Jihadists continue to attack Catholic communities in Mozambique

Local bishops called on the international community to take action to stop attacks by jihadist militants.

Pan-African activists call for dissolution of the Catholic Church

The association's spokesperson declared that France is "a totalitarian, terrorist and colonial state."

Police remove Hindu idol forcibly placed in church by radicals in India

The police acted after Christian leaders complained about the incident to Haryana’s Chief Minister.

In Italy, new book suggests changes to Catholic doctrine on homosexuality

The intention of the book is to propose a change in Christian anthropology.

Catholic and Lutheran churches to defy Minnesota ban on worship

Catholic leaders stressed that they worked with their Lutheran colleagues to devise the sanitation plan.

The Diocese of Bordeaux calls for Catholics to donate money for Muslims

Daniel Ambry is a representative of the Islamic-Christian Friendship Group in Bordeaux.

Contrary to canon law, a woman will act as an episcopal vicar in Switzerland

As this decision goes against the Code of Canon Law, the local Bishop used a legal manoeuvre to bypass the legislation

Catholics in Japan fear for refugees, foreigners during coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is causing drops in charitable donations to Catholic organizations in Japan.

French bishop calls for Catholics’ right to participate freely in Mass

Bp. Bernard Ginoux's strongly worded letter received widespread attention in the French Catholic media.