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An ancient Christian cemetery has been desecrated in Turkey

Local Christians discovered the scene on the 29th of June. The location holds tombs that date back to the first millennium.

Russian troops desecrated a Ukrainian cemetery

Russia is perpetrating war crimes on Ukrainian soil on a regular basis.

A cemetery has been vandalised in Belgium

The same cemetery has already been targeted by vandals in September 2020

Children desacrated nearly 70 graves in a French cemetary

The young vandals smashed souvenirs placed on the graves with stones.

Satanists devastate a cemetery in Melbourne

"Corpses were the main target of the perpetrators," Inspector Ben Jarman informed journalists,

Robberies of French cemeteries on the rise

It is difficult to make statistics, since many thefts are not declared or discovered weeks or even months after being committed.

Several graves desecrated in Irish cemetery

Outrage has been expressed after three headstones were desecrated with garish, red graffiti.

Ten graves vandalised in a Quebec cemetery

The layman who manages the parish that installing CCTV cameras "would not change anything".

Three tombs desecrated and looted in Mauritius

In June 2017, thugs had already unsealed and taken away the copper door of one of the historic vaults of the cemetery.