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A cemetery was vandalised in the French city of Saint-Urbain

Ornamental shells from the war memorial were uprooted and private tombstones were smashed.

French cemetery vandalised three times in July

The vandals also attempted to open several vaults.

Twenty-four graves desecrated by children in French cemetery

According to local officials, the vandalism was due to "a foolish game, without any political, religious or Satanic intention." 

A cemetery was vandalised in southern France

French authorities are failing to prevent acts of vandalism targeting places of worship.

Fifty-five tombs damaged in a Catholic cemetery in France

Fifty-five tombs were damaged in the cemetery of Gujan Metras, in the department of Gironde, on Thursday, the 21st of May.

USA: two young men desecrate a cemetery by "doing doughnuts" with a car.

The Bellevue Cemetery is an African American Christian Cemetery located in Chadbourn, in North Carolina.