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A Way of the Cross has been vandalised in Poland

Because of the extent of the damage, it was thought that the act was committed by more than one person.

Jadwiga of Poland: the beatified Hungarian Queen of Poland

Jadwiga was the first female monarch of the Kingdom of Poland, reigning from the 16th of October 1384 until her death.

Church burglar arrested in Poland

Vandalism and burglary targeting churches have been on the rise in Poland for the last decade.

A church has been vandalised and desecrated in Austria

During the police investigation, two metal bowls from the holy water font were also found near the crime scene.

Austria's parliament legalises assisted suicide

The practice would have effectively become unregulated, had there been no legislation

Vandalism to German church causes several thousand dollars damage

The church has to remain closed for the time being. The police are investigating to find the perpetrator(s).

Polish priest hit in the face by drunken teenager

The young man was arrested a week ago because, among others, he broke windows in another local church.

Jasna Góra tower highlighted in red in solidarity with persecuted Christians

"We want to express solidarity with those who suffer for their faith," said the curator of Jasna Góra, Father Waldemar Pastusiak.