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Upcoming global week-long prayer initiative for Christians in China

Pope Francis has also called for prayers for China during this time.

A renown Christian website has been closed down in China

The closure of Jona Home reflects how the Chinese authorities clamp down on Christianity.

Police track down pastor and house church members in China

Open Doors USA estimates that there are about 97 million Christians in China.

House church members raided after Easter baptism in China

Pastor Mao and his church have been targeted by the government for his vocal support for religious freedom and Pastor Wang Yi.

Chinese bishop forcibly taken away before Easter

Bishop Zhao has been detained time and again in the last few years

China backs Myanmar junta amid rising violence

Since February 2021, The Myanmar junta has killed more than 1,600 people,

A Chinese street evangelist arrested by the authorities and sent to drug rehab

He was first placed under administrative detention for seven days.

Two detained house church teachers in Wuhu have been released

In July 2021, Mount Carmel Church was coercively shut down by the Wuhu government.

Provinces in China are to issue online license for religious activities

The CCP's goal is to tighten the party’s grip on religion.

Chinese street preacher arrested in Yunman

According to China Aid, Chen was detained six times last year alone.