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Christian minister and fellow believer detained by Chinese police

The Chinese Christian minority faces regular persecution from the Communist authorities.

Members of Early Rain Qingcaodi church crrested by Chinese police

Since 2021, Early Rain Covenant Church and Early Rain Qingcaodi Church are on a list of illegal organizations,

Report details increased regulations on Christian clergy by Chinese government

These recent regulations come amid Pope Francis’s recent attempts to dialogue with China about the presence of Christianity there.

China releases kidnapped Catholic bishop

The authorities also blocked entry to the Catholic cemetery in Wenzhou to prevent Christians from praying.

China increases surveillance of pastors

USCIRF notes that Chinese authorities have “detained and arrested scores of underground Catholic priests."

Beijing shuts down Christian school

The school was forced to abandon its facilities and suffers great loss.

Chinese elementary school discriminates against students with religious parents

The local government has already punished relevant stakeholders in response to the incident.

Lisu Christian leader retaliated for protesting forced demolition of his home

Lisu is an ethnic minority in China that has over 80% of the population practicing Christianity.

Apple removes Quran and Bible apps in China

Quran Majeed has over 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store, while Bible App by Olive Tree has over 1 million.

China calls for restriction on abortion

Only medically-necessary procedures should be undertaken, State Council says.