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Chinese scientist who edited babies’ genes sentenced to prison

He Jiankui gets three years for “illegally carrying out human embryo gene-editing intended for reproduction.”

Open Doors reported serious increase in persecution of Christians

Far east country rises 16 places on World Watch List

Chinese officials crack down on religious funerals, weddings

Chinese officials continue disrupting religious rites and ceremonies such as funerals and weddings

Why thousands of Hong Kong protesters are singing 'Hallelujah to the Lord'

Some say, it has also become the unofficial anthem of the protests in Hong Kong. Watch video

Books on religion handled by authorities as pornography in China

Crackdown on religious publications intensifies

Pope Francis prays for Chinese Catholics

At the General Audience on Wednesday, Pope Francis led the faithful in prayer for the Church in China

China: Shuangyashan City Intensifies Religious Persecution in 2019

Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs reports achievements in suppressing believers

Christianity Grows in China Despite Persecution

The Chinese government continues to encourage atheism for its population

Underground bishop, vicar general detained in China's Hebei province

A bishop, his vicar general and a lay Catholic activist detained in Hong Kong

China Revokes Preaching Permit of 57 Three-Self Church Pastors

Some other referring news that Chinese authorities ban Major House Church in Beijing