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Zhejiang authorities forcibly remove crosses from Christian fishing vessels

Of the 130 Christian fishing vessels in Qushan Island, more than 90 had their crosses removed.

Five Chinese Christians detained for attending a Christian conference

Xuncheng Church has been heavily targeted in recent months.

Chinese Christians banned from providing relief to flood victims

Xinxiang has been cracking down on Christianity in recent years, with hundreds of crosses removed and churches shut down.

Chinese authorities interrupt Zoom church service

The recent church raid comes following the CCP's 100th anniversary, which led to the arrests of hundreds of Christians

Chinese pastors ordered to preach on Xi Jinping’s speech

Xi Jinping delivered the address on the 1st of July, the 100th anniversary of the CCP.

Chinese street preacher released after being held under surveillance

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities held Mr. Chen for twenty days under residential surveillance at the West Lake Resort.

Fate of imprisoned Chinese bishop remains unknown

The Catholic community in Xinxiang continues to pray fervently for the release of Bishop Zhang.

Political scientist explains why Christianity is the most persecuted religion

Christianity is indeed the most persecuted religion today: in sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Asia, but also in the West.

China imposes new ban on Christian content on social media

In addition to WeChat, many popular Christian websites have stopped updates for good

China tightens border control with Myanmar to prevent “religious infiltration”

The Chinese regime considers religious minorities as a threat to the communist system.