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The numerous faces of Christian persecution across the world

Persecution goes from disriminatiion in the public sphere to physical violence.

Zhejiang rejects appeal of imprisoned Christian bookstore owner

The Christian man was detained for selling unapproved religious publications imported from Taiwan.

Appeal rejected for sellers of audio Bible player in Shenzhen

China’s crackdown against Christianity makes it increasingly difficult to purchase a Bible online or through private sellers.

Chinese authorities continue to assault Tibetan religious monuments

Strong international pressure is critical to stop the CCP’s human rights abuses

Christmas not to be celebrated in China

Christmas is considered by the Chinese Communist authorities as a "Western holiday"

Result of second instance of Christian bookstore owner still pending in China

Selling Christian books in Communist China is considered as “illegal business operations”.

Former Three Self pastor detained for two years without trial

Hao Zhiwei pastored the church for 18 years.

Christian minister and fellow believer detained by Chinese police

The Chinese Christian minority faces regular persecution from the Communist authorities.

Members of Early Rain Qingcaodi church crrested by Chinese police

Since 2021, Early Rain Covenant Church and Early Rain Qingcaodi Church are on a list of illegal organizations,

Report details increased regulations on Christian clergy by Chinese government

These recent regulations come amid Pope Francis’s recent attempts to dialogue with China about the presence of Christianity there.