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Arrested Chinese pastor’s first trial has been planned for June

His wife has asked other Christians to pray for her husband and two other Christians who were arrested with the same charges.  

Chinese house church preacher arrested for illegal gathering

The authorities considered these Christians’ gatherings as behavior that has "severely disturbed social order"

Appeal rejected for sellers of audio Bible player in Shenzhen

China’s crackdown against Christianity makes it increasingly difficult to purchase a Bible online or through private sellers.

Members of Early Rain Qingcaodi church crrested by Chinese police

Since 2021, Early Rain Covenant Church and Early Rain Qingcaodi Church are on a list of illegal organizations,

Chinese agents raid homeschool run by persecuted megachurch

The church shared the news on social media.

China wants churches to replace crosses with nation's five-pointed star

According to Chinese Communist officials, Christianity "does not belong" in China.

Chinese officials crack down on religious funerals, weddings

Chinese officials continue disrupting religious rites and ceremonies such as funerals and weddings

Why thousands of Hong Kong protesters are singing 'Hallelujah to the Lord'

Some say, it has also become the unofficial anthem of the protests in Hong Kong. Watch video

Fortnight Madness

Depending on their absurdity, these stories may be ridiculous or sad at the same time