Tag: Christian-Muslim dialogue

Catholic universities in Belgium to help train Muslim imams

The aim is to provide university-level education for prospective imams.

The ‘Jesus’ revered by Muslims is not the same worshipped by Christians as God

1400 years ago, the founder of Islam, Muhammad seemed to have 'hijacked' Jesus from the gospels

Hungary, Saudi Arabia share position on migration, terrorism

Security risks in the Middle East could give rise to new waves of migration

Vatican message for Ramadan urges universal fraternity

Christians and Muslims worldwide to build bridges of brotherhood and promote the culture of dialogue

Catholic parish attacked in Niger

Catholic priest is wounded during an attack on his parish in the Diocese of Niamey in the West African nation of Niger,

Pope Francis and King Mohammed VI make historic appeal for Jerusalem

The appeal recognizes the “uniqueness and sacredness of Jerusalem, a common heritage of humanity”