Tag: Christian Persecution

Nigeria could be next Rwanda or Darfur

Advocates have for years called on the international community to recognise the ongoing violence in Nigeria as a “genocide.”

Church vandalized after two Christians accused of proselytizing in India

“These anti-conversion laws are tools for intimidating, mistreating, and frightening the tiny Christian community”

Police release suspect in attempted killing of pastor in India

Under pressure from an official in the ruling Hindu nationalist political party, police in Uttar Pradesh state

Christians in Pakistan struggle amid locust invasion and coronavirus crisis

“Christians have been told: Unless you become a Muslim or recite the Muslim creed, we’re not going to help you”

Three Iranian Christians receive appeal outcome

Four Christians were initially arrested in 2016 for “acting against national security” for leading house churches in Rasht

Pope Francis to Catholics: "Do not fear persecution!"

In his catechesis, Francis reflected on the day’s Gospel, with Jesus’ exhortation to his disciples to “not be afraid.”

Iran increases hardline stance against Christians

The legislature passed amendments regarding the country’s Islamic Penal Code which would negatively impact Christians

Religious persecution is engulfing the world

Believers in many countries face severe challenges, according to the State Department’s Report on International Religious Freedom.

Nigerian bishop: Corruption and weakness are killing us

Weak and corrupt government in Nigeria is to blame for conflict spiraling out of control, and failing to stem the violence there.

Authorities unresponsive and hostile against Christians in Northeast India

Police officers in another area of Jharkhand falsely accused a Christian’s relatives of an assault that left a woman unconscious.