Tag: Christian Persecution

A march in defense of persecuted Christians will pass through Washington

Around 360 million Christians face persecution worldwide, according to Open Doors.

Five Christians were drowned after refusing to apostatize in Uganda

They were thrown overboard and perished 200 meters from shore.

Christian persecutions is the most severe worldwide for the last 30 years

In 76 countries, the situation of Christ's followers is difficult or extremely difficult, accordin to Open Doors.

Nigeria’s Christians suffer amid rise in attacks

ACLED claims that only about 5% of violent events targeting civilians are aimed at Christians based on their religious identity.

Nigerian journalist to stand trial after reporting on Christian persecution

The trial represents an attempt to silence journalists who speak out about attacks on Christians in Nigeria.

The persecution of Christians in India continues

In the Indian state of Punjab, a Sikh mob attacked a Catholic church.

Germany observes an average of 87 attacks on churches every year since 2006

Christians are by far the most persecuted religious group in Germany.

Christians have been prevented from worshipping in Burkina Faso

Once a harmonious nation, Burkina Faso has come under the shadow of radical Islamists since 2015.

International Religious Freedom Summit evokes Christian persecution in Nigeria

USCIRF Commissioner Frank Wolf, a former member of Congress, stressed the importance of the IRF conference.

Joe Biden appointed a new USCIRF Commissioner

USCIRF is the top U.S. federal advisory body responsible for monitoring religious freedom abroad,