Tag: Christian Persecution

ICC hosts event in collabration with Hungary Helps Programme

The programme was led by ICC’s Director of Advocacy, Matias Perttula.

Church Building in Cuba Demolished, Re-Openings Blocked

Government harasses those opposed to social policies, Christian leaders say.

Fulani herdsmen seize Christian villages in Nigerian Kaduna State

Fulani herdsmen also ambushed two Christians on a motorcycle on the Buruku-Damba-Kasaya road on the 29th of October.

Catholic nun attacked by armed men in Zambia

Unlike in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo, attacks on Christians in Zambia remain rare.

Muslims Ambush, Kill Pastor after Radio Broadcast in Uganda

The atrocity happened just after his radio interview.

Seven-year-old Christian in Somalia was beaten up for his faith

Somalia is the third country in the world where it is difficult to be a Christian, according to Open Doors.

India: Christian Churches ask for the of protection of persecuted Christians

The alliance of Christian Churches ask the Indian government to protect the persecuted Christians in the country.

Breaking: State secretary comments on knife attack in Nice

State secretary comments on knife attack in Nice, where a woman was decapitated as three die in 'suspected terror attack'.

Jailed for holding a Christian funeral in communist Laos

Four Christian men held without charge for violating the Buddhist country's traditional customs

Christian couple arrested in Somaliland

The couple was arrested after the police found some Christian documents in their home.