Tag: Christian Persecution

Four Iranian Christian converts jailed

This case is a reflection of the poor treatment Christians regularly receive from the Iranian judicial system

Christians being denied food aid during COVID-19 pandemic

Christians often face ostracism, threats, torture and prison sentences in communist Vietnam.

Fulani militants killed Christians in Kaduna State

The Adara is a predominantly Christian people and one of the largest ethnic groups in southern Kaduna.

Attempted attack on Orthodox church in Egypt

The incident resulted in no casualties or damages to the church. The police identified the attacker and arrested him.

Catholic Church suffering violence in Ethiopia, Eritrea

Over the past two years, over 30 churches have been attacked in Ethiopia - half burned to the ground.

Another church has been vandalised in France

French churches and other Christian symbols are being targeted by vandals on a weekly basis in France.

Nigerian sentenced to 26 years for forcing Christian teen into Islamic marriage

The criminal was initially let out on bail in 2016 but was later rearrested for failing to appear in court. 

A man disturbed Masses in Poland by attacking priests and the faithful

The young man who has been arrested could face up to twelve years of imprisonment.

Greek Church is becoming victim of Turkish treasure hunters

Christians in Turkey are warning that the historical Greek Orthodox Church in the village of Yeşildere has been rapidly destroyed.

At least 620 Nigerian Christians killed so far in 2020

Boko Haram is believed to have killed 150 Christians since January.