Tag: Christian Persecution

Afghan Christians facing higher risk of persecution with Taliban in power

The commission explains that Afghanistan has no long-established Christian denominations and traditions.

PEW report ranks Middle East highest persecuted region

Globally, social persecution is “high” or “very high” in 22% of the world’s countries.

Fourteen soldiers killed by jihadists in Burkina Faso

While Burkina Faso was once a nation of religious tolerance, a jihadist uprising has plagued the country since 2015.

Christian boy severely injured in acid attack dies after 46 days in hospital

The acid burned 65% of his body, with 15% being deep burns.

Man given gun to “go and kill Christians” in Nigeria

The Nigerian government has proved utterly ineffective against the violence and has failed the Christian community.

Elderly Eritrean pastors continue to suffer in prison

“Individuals who are arrested for religious reasons are systematically subjected to ill-treatment and torture,” the OHCR said.

Two churches attacked in Nigerian Kogi State

Being a Christian in Nigeria remains a life-threatening danger.

Christian group demands Cuba release pastor jailed for protesting regime

In 2012, the government confiscated the pastor’s church property.

Hearing at court of Päivi Räsänen will take place in January 2022

Exclusive: press release of Päivi Räsänen, Finnish parliament member, persecuted for standing up for the traditional family.

Wave of persecution hits Christian couple's home in Northern India

Radical Hindu nationalists often use false accusations of forced conversion to justify their assaults and have pastors arrested.