Tag: Christian Persecution

How does persecution affect Christian children?

Open Doors enumerates the disadvantages that Christian children have to face because of their, or their parents' religion.

Iran denies UN claims of Christian persecution

Iran continues to imprison, harass and persecute Christians, particularly those of Muslim faith backgrounds.

Christians continue to face growing persecution in Nepal

Christians now number between two and three million throughout Nepal.

Japanese wine production ceased as a result of Christian persecution

Winemaking was present in Japan in the seventeenth century, and it ceased because of Christian persecution.

A kidnapped Christian professor was released in Nigeria

Fatokun did not identify his captors, but Muslim Fulani herdsmen have been active in Nasarawa State.

A deafening silence surrounds the massacre of Ethiopian Christians

As many as 750 people were executed in front of the Church of Our Lady of Zion in Aksum, in the Tigray region.

Reports indicate no major shift in U.S. stance on religious freedom in India

Indian local, state, and national governments continue to pursue a hardline approach to non-Hindus.

World Watch List 2021: four countries left and four countries entered the top 50

This year four countries left, and four new countries entered this list of the top fifty countries.

Christian group in India documents 327 acts of persecution in 2020 alone

At least five Christians were murdered and six churches were burnt or demolished in religiously motivated attacks.