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Public inquiry into disappeared Christian couple will resume

The inquiry had started in February but was suspended in mid-March after two commissioners tested positive for COVID-19.

The number of religious families is declining in the USA

More Americans today, however, identify with no particular religion than at any period in the nation’s history.

Poland celebrates the anniversary of its baptism

One thousand fifty-four years ago, Poland became part of Christian civilisation.

In spite of religious "neutrality" muezzin heard in Hagia Sophia

Turkey uses Hagia Sophia as mosque for Islamic prayer again.

'Culture itself is hostile to Christian faith', conservative commentator says

According to him Christians, in some cases, are even called to be intolerant.

Viktor Orbán, Defender of Christianity

Is there, in fact, as he also believes, an “organized and wide-ranging attack on European culture and civilization”?

Chaldean patriarch: the time has come for Iraq to have a Christian party

Emigration abroad and marginalisation at home are the first challenges to face.