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Result of second instance of Christian bookstore owner still pending in China

Selling Christian books in Communist China is considered as “illegal business operations”.

Finnish bishop faces prosecution over Christian values

The Rev. Juhana Pohjola is falling victim to a similar censorship which many Christians experience nowadays throughout the West.

Vietnam recognises Catholic parish after thirty years

Moc Chau parish has 240 families, numbering almost 900 people.

Grzegorz Kucharczyk: “The Vendee massacre was a Franco-French genocide”

“Saying that Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world is the statement of a fact, says the Polish historian.

Another NGO condemns Algeria for continued detention of Christian convert

Bahloul’s case is one of many examples of religious discrimination from the Algerian government in recent years.

Catholic Church grows in Asia and Africa while declining in Europe

The census put the number of lay missionaries in the world at 410,440, with an overall increase of 34,252.

Why do we need classical European culture? A Polish point of view

Classical European culture is under attack. Here is why we should stand in its defence.

Christianity grows by nearly one per cent in Muslim-majority Indonesia

Among Indonesia's population, 236.53 million (86.88%) identify as Muslim.

Most Americans now accept evolution theory

Over the last decadehe the percentage of American adults who beleieved in evolution increased from 40% to 54%.

Only one third of Americans identify as Christian, survey shows

The percentage of Americans possessing a biblical worldview also declines significantly.