Tag: Christians in Iran

One Iranian Christian Released, Four More Arrested

Souzanchi spent two years in Evin Prison before being transferred to in December 2019 to Greater Tehran Penitentiary.

Three Iranian Christians’ Imprisonment Sentencing Upheld

Pooriya Peyma received a 91-day sentence and did not appeal.

Iranian Christian arrested for the third time by "morality police"

Despite her good relationship with her employer, she has also been unable to return to work since her release last year.

Iranian Christian Arrested For The Third Time

Most recently, she was arrested by the “morality police”.

Another Iranian Christian Flogged

This past May, their prison sentences were reduced.

Male Christian sentenced to flogging in Iran for drinking Holy Communion wine

Article18 Advocacy Director Mansour Borji told BBC Persian that the lashes were “inhumane and humiliating.”

Iranian Christian Receives 80 Lashes

He received the same punishment for the second time.

Iran: Christian couple lost custody of adopted child because of their faith

A Christian couple lost custody of their adopted child and were also convicted for patronising a house church.

Iranian hackers target religious minorities

Cybersecurity remains a primary concern for Iran’s Christian diaspora.

Iranian Church still has one million members despite violent persecution

Converting to Christianity and preaching the Gospel are considered "crimes against national security" in Iran.