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Gunmen killed 20 people in Eastern Burkina Faso

Christians make up the minority of Burkina Faso with most of the country adhering to Islam.

Open Doors' report from Yemen’s secret church

“It has brought us closer to Him and brought us closer to each other as His children in Yemen."

Nigerian Christian Association calls for security consciousness

The General Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) is urging churches to be more conscious about security.

Burkina Faso shaken by jihadist conflicts

The Sahel region has become a "hotbed" of jihadist groups in Africa.

Violence against religious minorities continues in Pakistan

Hate speech, intolerance and discrimination against religious communities are still present in Pakistan.

Senators ask President Trump to address Christian persecution in Nigeria

The number of Christians killed in 2020 alone is over six hundred.

Pakistan: Christians create "food bank" to reach out to people in need

Young Catholics in the city of Sahiwal in Pakistan's Punjab province offer evening meals to a hundred destitute people every day.

Islamic State attacks intensify during Ramadan

Despite its defeat in 2019, fears are rising that ISIS sleeping cells are again capable of conducting terrorist attacks.

Two Christians killed, two others kidnapped by Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria

Four churches have been closed since Christians fled the area.

Turkish magazine denies Greek genocide

Yesterday marked the anniversary of the Greek genocide which occurred from 1913-1922 in modern day Turkey