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Zimbabwe: amid crisis and instability, Christians helping to rebuild the country

The "Breadbasket of Africa" has to leave dictatorship behind and build up a prosperous country and civil society.

Human Rights Violations Report of 2019 has been released in Turkey

The report shows some development just as much as regressions concerning religious freedom.

Erdoğan asks for peremptory support of religious minorities in Turkey

The Turkish president calls for religious minorities to support the military operations in Syria.

Iraqi village of Batnaya to be rebuilt with help of Catholic charity

The new programme is designed to restore key buildings and places which were destroyed by ISIS.

Catholics urged to support Middle East Christians at the end of the Lent season

Cardinal Sandri calls on Catholics to contribute to the Holy Land Collection.

Tristan Azbej: Four thousand Christians were killed last year

According to data, more than a thousand churches were also attacked.

Christian killed for using water from a well in Pakistan

Church calls for urgent measures to protect minorities