Tag: Christmas

Christmas tree trenched with gasoline in Austrian Muslim district

Four people were arrested immediately and the local government initiated a new security strategy for the area.

Muslims mob attacks Lahore Christians on Christmas day

Some Muslim boys began offending and insulting Christian girls, resulting in a brawl among young people.

Indonesian police inspected churches before Christmas

Before Christmas, police officers across Indonesia inspected a number of churches in several areas to clear them from bomb threats

Heart-melting Christmas wishes of Iraqui Christian children

In this video, seventeen Iraqi Christian children, between the ages of eight and twelve describe their Christmas wishes.

Interreligious gathering at Christmas in Pakistan

Fr. Saleh Diego: "This event symbolises that we are united."

Open letter against Christians appeared in Indian newspaper

Subject: Not to give permission to unauthorised people to celebrate Christmas.

Palestinian ministry tells Muslims not to participate in Christmas celebration

The ministry highlighted that the "instructions" concerns only the Muslim citizens.

Christmas tree in Lyon intentionally set on fire

The incident happened in one of the city’ “vulnerable” district.

Christmas officially recognised in Iraq

The bill passed just days after the Pope announced plans to travel to Iraq next March.

Bring joy to persecuted children at Christmas

If you cannot afford to give money, you still have the possibility to help with some encouraging messages.