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A man was arrested after urinating in the Church of the Sacred Heart in Agen

On Sunday, the 15th of August, a man was arrested in Agen, France, after urinating in the Church of the Sacred Heart.

Man detained after desecrating church in Istanbul

In 2018 the same church had been desecrated by racially offensive graffiti.

Church Attacked and Desecrated in Eastern Turkey

The attack was mainly to destroy Christian items and relics.

Swedish Catholic church desecrated in Gothenburg

The "action" in the temple lasted only a few minutes; so far no one has admitted responsibility.

Christian church robbed and profaned in Mexico

The Christ King Chapel in the Mexican state of Durango, was robbed and desecrated on the 13th of October, early in the morning.

United States: Catholic cathedral was vandalised in El Paso

On Tuesday, a statue of Jesus was destroyed at St. Patrick's Cathedral in El Paso, Texas.