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Repeated arson attacks against French church

The church is under surveillance and the police are investigating.

Man pleads guilty to arson attack that destroyed historic Nicola Valley church

August Caprian pleaded guilty to three counts of arson, one count of break and enter after series of church fires

Catholic church burns down just two days after priest attacked

The burning of St. Simon’s is not the first tragedy to strike the Glasgow church.

Arson attacks on forty-five churches since the 21st of June in Canada

The arson attacks on churches are part of an organised anti-Christian attack.

Fire ravaged historical church in the Philippines

The Saint Vincent Ferrier Church in Sagay City, on the island of Negros, Philippines was damaged by a fire on the 9th of July.

Canadian journalist links ongoing church arsons in Canada with BLM

Dozens of churches in Canada have been either burned down or vandalised in the last weeks.

Four Catholic churches destroyed in suspicious fires in Canada

Chief Keith Crow of the Lower Similkameen Indian Band told the media that both churches were destroyed by fires at about 4 a.m.

Palm tree set on fire in front of a church in Italy

The police are investigating the case.

The church of Attawapiskat (Ontario) was destroyed by fire

Ontario is a territory where Catholic churches are regularly closed and sold due to the decline in the number of faithful.