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Church volunteer confesses to arson of cathedral in French city of Nantes

The Nantes Cathedral traces its history back to the 15th century and is considered a major national treasure.

Fire engulfs centuries old Philippine church

The church was built in 1732 by Franciscan Father Francisco del Rosario

French Antifa rejoice after the Nantes Cathedral fire

A dozen buildings fell victim of flames provoked by criminals in France in the last years.

French Cathedral of Nantes on fire

The cathedral caught fire for reasons yet unknown

Florida man sets Catholic Church on fire with parishioners inside

“Masses will resume as normal in the parish hall beginning this evening,” the diocese communicated.

France: the Archbishop of Paris will pray in the Notre Dame Cathedral

The Archbishop is to be accompanied by only a few people, in accordance with strict security regulations.

A church burned down in Ethiopia

Five churches have already been destroyed in the region of Omoria in the first three months of this year.

Guinea: several churches burned down and destroyed in Nzérékoré

Several places of worship, including at least three churches, were destroyed and burnt down during the riots.

Norway: a Muslim migrant sets fire to a church

The man justified his actions by explaining that he wanted to take revenge for the alleged burning of a copy of the Koran.

France: arson attack in the Church of Meximieux

The local priest invited the faithful to pray for the people responsible for this criminal act.