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A major fire ravages the Church of Listuguj in New Brunswick

Police said the fire started at the back of the building, on the river side. The cause of the fire, however, is still unknown.

Historic church ravaged by fire in Minneapolis

A large part of the roof collapsed in the afternoon, despite efforts by firefighters to overcome the blaze.

Two churches burnt down by armed groups in Chile in the last month

On the 22nd of April, arsonists even shot at the volunteer firefighters who came to extinguish the fire.

A church was burned to the ground in a French town

The damage is estimated to be over one million euros (1,2 million USD)

A fire destroyed a Catholic church in Manitoba on Easter Sunday

A thirty-two-year-old suspect has been arrested.

A church was set on fire in Austria

Despite early attempts to extinguish the fire, the wooden altar was destroyed and a statue of the Virgin Mary was damaged.

Church set ablaze in Pasadena, Texas

The fire ravaged the building and completely destroyed the roof.

Attempted fire at the door of a Lutheran church in Latvia

Unknown persons tried to set a Lutheran church on fire in Latvia. The vandals may face punishment in prison.

Four-hundred-year-old church burned in Mexico

The four-hundred-year-old church is in bad conditions and only the walls remain standing.

Firefighters prevent a church from burning down in Eastern Poland

The Captain of the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Lublin suggests that "most likely it was was arson"