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Indonesian governments counts on the Catholic Chruch to promote interreligious-harmony

The government of the Republic of Indonesia expects the Catholic Church to promote religious moderation.

Two Sudanese churches are being illegally occupied

The overall situation of Christians in Dudan has been deteriorating for the last few years.

Arson in an abandoned church in Belgium

The alleged perpetrators may have entered the church from the rear.

French priest discovered an armed man in his church in Paris

The 28-year-old suspect was found with a loaded gun and had already been known for other offences.

Sutherland Springs church to demolish sanctuary where 26 people were shot

According to news station KTSA in San Antonio, the building was considered structurally unsafe.

Armenian church In Turkey to reopen after decades

Turkey recently had restoration work completed and will serve jointly as a church and cultural center.

German Church loses 200.000 faithful every year

In 2020, the episcopate recorded 104,610 baptisms, which is two times less than the acts of leaving the Church community.

A church occupied by migrants for almost two months in Belgium

The Belgian episcopate has just issued a press release calling for "dialogue and compassion."

Complaint about ringing of church in Southern England

Build in the 14th century the Church's clock currently chimes every quarter of an hour.

The Archdiocese of Barcelona intends to close 160 parishes

The reason for these moves, included in the plan of the Archbishop of Barcelona is the loss of the faithful.