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Chinese bishop forcibly taken away before Easter

Bishop Zhao has been detained time and again in the last few years

China backs Myanmar junta amid rising violence

Since February 2021, The Myanmar junta has killed more than 1,600 people,

A Chinese street evangelist arrested by the authorities and sent to drug rehab

He was first placed under administrative detention for seven days.

Two detained house church teachers in Wuhu have been released

In July 2021, Mount Carmel Church was coercively shut down by the Wuhu government.

Provinces in China are to issue online license for religious activities

The CCP's goal is to tighten the party’s grip on religion.

Chinese woman arrested for trying to share the Gospel with Xi Jinping

The woman has already been detained several times for similar charges.

North Korean Christians sent to exile for possessing a Bible

Although Bae was offered to stay in China, she turned down the offer and continues to serve her underground church.

China is stepping up the fight against Christian faith

The Hong Kong pro-China media called for the regulation of Western religions as they are "incompatible" with Chinese culture.

Chiana threatens to restrict religious freedom of churches even more

China is viewed by the US State Department as a “country of particular concern” for its egregious religious freedom violations.

How Communists persecuted Christians: Bulgaria

From the mid 1940's until 1989, the Bulgarian church faced severe persecutions from the Communist authorities.