Tag: Communism

Professor Andrzej Nowak: "In 1920, Poland defeated the Evil Empire"

One hundred years after the Battle of Warsaw, Professor Andrej Nowak presents his book about the Polish-Bolshevik war of 1920.

Statue of Lenin erected in Germany

The city of Gelsenkirchen issued a ban on the monument, but it was cancelled by the Regional Administrative Court

Christians being denied food aid during COVID-19 pandemic

Christians often face ostracism, threats, torture and prison sentences in communist Vietnam.

Remembrance day for victims of communist genocide in Cambodia

The Khmer Rouge ruled Cambodia between 1975 and 1979.

Communism reloaded: first Lenin statue to be erected in western Germany

The statue is due to be unveiled on 14 March to mark the 150th anniversary of the communist dictator's birth on 22 April.

Opening of the Vatican archives: Pius XII towards Nazism and communism

The Vatican makes these archives available around a decade ahead of time.

Communism: one party, one direction, one world view

Communism was built on foundations of suffering of innocent victims