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Canadian pastor laments about "attacks on church reminding of communism"

Pastor Artur Pawlowski was born in Poland and lived under Soviet rule during part of his childhood.

House churches raided and shut down across China

House churches across China continue to be targeted and harassed as long as they refuse to join the state-vetted Three-Self Church

Poland celebrates the National Day of Remembrance of the 'Cursed Soldiers'

The Soviets tried to erase the memory of these fighters for the independance of Poland.

A Chinese Catholic church will be destroyed in Xinjang

The faithful were asked to vacate the premises before the 19th of February.

The anti-Christian phobia continues in Spain

An inventory of public crosses and their protection is a response to the country's anti-Christian policies

China implements educational measures encouraging children to "hate God"

In addition to anti-religious teaching, students are also taught to warn their parents of possible arrest if they attend church.

China fines Christian man for celebrating Christmas with friends

Christians in China experienced worse than usual persecution this Christmas season.

Spanish authorities continue to get rid of crosses across the country

The Andalusian Ombudsman refers to the Law of Historical Remembrance adopted by the Zapatero government in 2007

China's leaders fear Christian population may reach 300 million by 2030

Open Doors ranks China at the seventeenth place on its World Watch List of fifty countries where Christians are most persecuted.

Chinese authorities raid Christian homeschool

Education bureau administrators, national security officials, police officers, and urban management agents surrounded the building